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2023's "State of Mind" - continued

So what's the best "STATE OF MIND" to be in???

Well . . . that would be one that makes us feel . . . positive, confident, resourceful and relaxed . . . even in today's world!

And in this time of "New Year's Resolutions" . . . our "first" resolution should "really" be . . . putting ourselves in a "POSITIVE STATE OF MIND"!!!

Because without that . . . "2023" may end up the same as "2022".

Okay . . . so how do we "reset" our "state of mind"???

Well . . . we would need to do things like . . .

Value yourself more by treating yourself with kindness and respect

Taking care of our body and mind by taking time for you!

Surround yourself with good people . . . positive people

Give yourself permission to be happy

Learn how to deal with the stressors in our life

Quiet your mind with "mindful" thinking

Set realistic goals and "follow through"

Start writing your thoughts on paper

Listen to music

Get undisturbed sleep

Take walks

Clean your home . . . because clutter causes negative feelings

Focus on moving forward

Talk about your feelings Start with a stabilizing routine

Declutter relationships

Eat healthier

Manage your time effectively

Make smarter goals

Practice gratitude

Help others

Get regular exercise

Avoid news "overdose"

And do something "meaningful" each and every day.

So next week let's talk about having a "PLAN B" . . . if life as we know it . . . just isn't working for you.

And then . . . the #1 New Year's Resolution . . . "LOSING WEIGHT and EATING HEALTHIER".

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at;

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