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A day of Giving Back to the "Community"

So this weekend it was "my" time to "give back to the community"

As I've said before . . . every holiday I do something special for the seniors at the senior housing where my mom lives.

And this time, it was all about giving "thanks" with a pot luck "Thanksgiving dinner".

And my reward???

Well . . . that was all about seeing the smile on their faces and laughter in the air.

It was about "sharing" love . . . where sometime love can't be found

It was truly a day of "gratitude"

You see . . . the word "Thanksgiving" . . . literally means . . . "giving of thanks"

And "thanksgiving" is an "action" word . . .

And "gratitude" requires "action"

As we know . . . when "Thanksgiving" originally was celebrated . . . it was about giving thanks for the previous year's harvest.

But "Thanksgiving" has evolved into a holiday for gathering together and expressing "gratitude" for "ALL" our blessing.

Blessing like . . . we "do" have food on the table, clothes on "our" back and a "roof" over our head.

Those are the "REAL" blessing in life . . .

It's about having family and friend that "love us" . . .

It's about having our "health" . . .

And this day is a reminder to "appreciate" all that you "do" have in life . . .

Because many on this day of "thanks" are sitting alone, hungry or ill.

So please . . . reach out to others this coming "Thanksgiving" and share what you have with those that don't.

That is what "Thanksgiving" and "GRATITUDE" are really all about.

And tomorrow I'll give you another one of my favorite "Thanksgiving treats"

And yes . . . this one "ISN'T" compliant . . . but oh so yummy!!!!

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at:

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