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A day of Giving Back to the "Community"

So this weekend it was "my" time to "give back to the community"

As I've said before . . . every holiday I do something special for the seniors at the senior housing where my mom lives.

And this time, it was all about giving "thanks" with a pot luck "Thanksgiving dinner".

And my reward???

Well . . . that was all about seeing the smile on their faces and laughter in the air.

It was about "sharing" love . . . where sometime love can't be found

It was truly a day of "gratitude"

You see . . . the word "Thanksgiving" . . . literally means . . . "giving of thanks"

And "thanksgiving" is an "action" word . . .

And "gratitude" requires "action"

As we know . . . when "Thanksgiving" originally was celebrated . . . it was about giving thanks for the previous year's harvest.

But "Thanksgiving" has evolved into a holiday for gathering together and expressing "gratitude" for "ALL" our blessing.

Blessing like . . . we "do" have food on the table, clothes on "our" back and a "roof" over our head.

Those are the "REAL" blessing in life . . .

It's about having family and friend that "love us" . . .