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A Healthy "Heart" - continued

So today we continue talking about the "heart" and how to keep it healthy . . .

And some ways to accomplish that mission would be . . .

Avoid smoking and using tobacco products, being physically active every day, eating a heart-healthy, anti-inflammatory diet, (that means NO PACKAGED FOODS and NO RESTAURANT EATING due to being so VERY HIGH IN SODUIM) . . . keeping a healthy weight, managing your stress, stop drinking alcohol, keeping the "lymphatic system" moving and controlling your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Now . . . there are many foods that help to prevent "heart disease" and some of them would be . . .

Fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts, wild-caught fish, range-free poultry or grass-fed lean meat.

Now . . . eating lots of colorful vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes (not the skins), red peppers (deseeded and de-ribbed), tomatoes (skinned and deseeded), and acorn squash (skinned and deseeded) are a major plus to a "healthy heart". Why you ask???

Well . . . they all contain "carotenoids", fiber and vitamins for the "heart".

Green veggies are another plus to a "healthy heart" . . . like spinach, kale, swiss chard, collard green, mustard greens and bok choy.

And another one of my favorites is "garlic" . . .

Why "garlic" you ask???

Well . . . "garlic" is a natural blood thinner and can prevent cell damage, regulate cholesterol, lower blood pressure and has the ability to" reduce plaque buildup" in the arteries.

NOTE: Remember, garlic is not the choice for you if you're already on blood thinners. Please check with your own healthcare provider if you want to try this avenue.

Another way to help is with "hydration" . . .

Drinking lots of water can prevent and slow down changes in the "heart" that can lead to a "heart attack".

And what you drink today and every day after . . . can actually reduce the risk of "heart failure" 25 years from now.

So reducing "inflammation" by eating an "anti-inflammatory" diet and "hydrating the body is a great way to start.

And tomorrow, we'll continue

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