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A Humbling Moment in Time

So yesterday . . . I went back to the doctors for my final visit for my leg . . and I did get my walking paper so to speak . . . and the last thing I'm now dealing with for the next 3 - 6 months is plantar fasciitis.

So you know . . . this journey got me thinking . . . after being diagnosed with "terminal" cancer years ago . . . I felt I had become a more humbled, appreciative and compassionate person on my journey through life. I thought I understood.

But . . . after breaking my leg and being in a wheelchair, then a walker and now a cane for 3 months. . .

My eyes have been opened even more

And you know what I discovered? . . . I didn't have a clue.

We're all strong human beings and created with the ability to adapt with what life presents us.

But . . . I have found that the "disability" isn't the "problem" we face as human beings . . .

It's the "accessibility" that's the "problem".

Bethany Hamilton once said . . . as disabled . . . I don't need easy . . . I just need possible!

How powerful is that statement?

I didn't know, until I was presented with the "impossible" . . . and I'm not even really disabled . . . so I could only imagine how difficult "accessibility" can be at times for those that are.

So let me explain . . . and I'll tell you a little story that happened at the beginning of my journey.