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A "lubricant" that's "compliant"

So the question for today is this . . . what makes a vaginal lubricant . . . "compliant" or "not"???

Well . . . obviously all the ingredients we spoke of yesterday are the "NOT"!

So today let's talk about what makes a vaginal lubricant "compliant".

The things we need to look for in a product are elements that "don't build up on our skin or on the vaginal walls", "don't cause infections" and "aren't carcinogenic to the human body".

And some of these elements would be . . .

Coconut oil - is a wonderful lubricant due its ability to restore the skin's barrier function. And with this, it will help to reduce vaginal dryness symptoms such as itchiness, burning pain and of course dryness.

Aloe vera - has the ability to hydrate the skin and reduce irritation and itching while promoting the production of natural lubrication.

And sea buckthorn oil has been found to help with mucosal integrity within the vagina, which in turn reduces vaginal dryness and irritation.

So the "compliant" product I found contains:

Aloe vera - which actively binds moisture into the skin which will not only help to prevent infection . . . but also improve vaginal dryness. It improves skin hydration, producing anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects that will strengthen immune activity in the vagina.

It also contains Agar seaweed - which is a natural thickener that provides extra glide and restores moisture.

Potassium sorbate - that inhibits the growth of bacteria and yeast.

And a few other natural ingredients like lactic acid for cell energy.

Unfortunately . . . this is the only one I could find that "didn't" have carcinogen effects.

There were a few that were close . . . that also had aloe vera and these ingredients but then they added combinations of preservatives that become carginogenic.

So if you're interested in this "compliant" vaginal lubricant for dryness . . . click this link and purchase yours today.

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