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A "Miracle" in time.

Eleven years ago today, I was told I had "terminal" cancer. Those are the words you're never really prepared to hear.

Every year on this day, I celebrate life. And remember the words of Alistair Begg . . .

"As I am humbled by my difficulties, so I am strengthened by God's' grace".

So today . . . I thought I'd share a little of my journey with you to celebrate this day.

I am often asked why I named my business "Miracle Meadows".

Well . . . Shortly after being diagnosed . . . I found myself experiencing all the emotions that most cancer patients feel . . . the denial, the hate, the pity and the depression.

After a few months of trying to absorb my new life . . . the holiday's were upon us. With Christmas just a few days away. I remember sitting by the fire, wrapped in a blanket, trying to keep warm thinking . . .

How could this be? Why me? I saw the scared look in my children's eyes as they watched me melting away to just skin and bones. And I thought . . . where was this life . . . to take me now?

I believe sitting by the fire that day praying to God for an answer . . . he gave me a "Christmas Miracle". He gave me the strength to accept and embrace the fact that I had cancer. He took away my hate for the world. He made me realize "self-pity" is a wasted emotion and in doing that . . . He gave me the strength to release my depression. It was now time to put my faith to work.

So after the holidays . . . I got on my computer and spent the next 4 years doing nothing but researching cancer, illness and the "mechanics" of the human body until I figure this mess out.

I'm a firm believe as Pema Chodron once said . . . "Nothing ever goes away, until it teaches us what we need to know"!