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A Personal Story . . .

So today, I'd like to take a moment of your time to tell you a personal story before we get started on the vitamins and minerals we need to protect our immune system.

As we all know, this virus is lurking "EVERYWHERE" and most of us are doing our job to protect ourselves and our family. But sometimes in life . . . "SH__" just happens.

My husband works in a very high volume essential working position and comes in contact with a lot of people every day. Well . . . for the past 11 months . . . we knew it was just a matter of time before he "too" would probably get the "Corona".

Well . . . guess what??? He did!

He came home one night a month ago saying he felt so fatigued he almost couldn't drive home.

The next morning, I woke feeling a little fatigued myself with a little sore throat.

He took the day off and went to get tested. And "bingo" . . . he tested "positive".

At that time I thought . . . Alrighty then . . . what about me???

I didn't get tested myself because having the same symptoms, I just figured I had it too. How could I not??? . . . I was sleeping with the man . . .

So we immediately quarantined together and I started my own personal protocol.

Now . . . on the other hand . . . my husband didn't start with the same protocol as I did and he ended up with a fever for 5 days, aches and pains, a sore throat and a dry cough.

At day 5 . . . I said enough was enough and started him on "my" protocol.

And "ME" . . . I got nothin'. I was fine the whole 14 days that I nursed my husband back to health. We even continued sleeping in the same bed.

Okay, so on day 8 of quarantine, I decided to go get tested. And when my test result came back . . . guess what???

I tested "Negative" . . . not a trace of the virus . . .

So my question was this . . . how could I be sleeping and taking care of my infected husband who had tested "positive" . . . and not have gotten this virus myself???

So day 10 of quarantine, I took my husband back to get tested again and this time . . .

He now tested "negative" . . .

So I'm now thinking . . . could his first test really been a "false positive" and he just had the flu?????????

Well, if you know me at all . . . then you know, this puzzle just had to be answered.

So on day 16 . . . I took my husband back yet again to have an "antibody" test done to see if he really did had this virus.

We waited our 2 days for the results and guess what????

He tested "positive" for having the Covid-19 "antibodies".

So he "did" have this virus and was able to eradicate it from his body completely without a trace.

But . . . the mystery still continued.

How could I have had some of the symptoms of covid-19 at the beginning of this journey, quarantined with my husband that was "positive", sleep in the same bed with him sneezing, coughing and with a fever, and "not" get this virus????

So on day 18 . . . I decided to go have an "antibody" test done also.

And guess what???

I tested "negative" for Covid-19 "antibodies".

So my question is this . . . How did I "NOT" get this virus???

Am I just super human and immune to disease??? LOL

Is this virus really NOT as contagious as they claim???

Or is having a "STRONG" immune system as I've been telling you like forever . . . the answer to this virus?????

Or did my personal protocol "KILL" this virus???

And what about my husband???

He tested "positive", but after 5 days of being sicker than a dog and then starting my protocol . . . he tested "negative".

So what's the answer to this mystery???

Well, I'm not really sure . . . but if I had to guess . . . knowing what I know about my protocol and living in the same house with Covid-19 . . . I'd guess that I found a way to kill this virus.

So if you've missed any of my posts on this virus, how to strengthen our immune system or what causes the body to allow this virus to set up housekeeping in the first place . . . you may want to go back and reread them.

Alright . . . so tomorrow we start with what vitamins the body needs for a strong action of defense.

As always, feel free to contact me here.

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