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Acidic Reflux - continued

So yesterday we spoke about the process that takes place allowing the body to have "acid reflux". And what "acid reflux" really is.

Today we're going to talk about why "Antacids" are SO BAD for us! And a way to fix this "acid reflux" problem.

As we have discovered from yesterday's Health tip, "acidic reflux" isn't caused by "too" much stomach acid, but rather . . . "not" enough in "intensity" to eradicate the bacterial infection.

So what exactly is an "Antacid"? Well . . . most antacids are made from calcium carbonate, aluminum hydroxide and/or sodium bicarbonate. And the theory that these products have is this . . . All these elements are alkalizing . . . which to the average consumer sounds "good to go"! But . . . what it really means is that these Antacids raise the pH level of the stomach acid to above its normal 3.5 pH level. Remember we spoke of this yesterday.

For example . . .if you were to take some sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and put it in a glass of water and then tested its pH level . . . it would alkalize the water to a neutral or above alkalinity (7 or above on the pH scale)

And once this pH level rises above 3.5 in the stomach . . . the outcome is . . . we feel relief!

Well . . . that sounds like a winner . . . right???

But . . . what's really happening . . . is once this pH raises above its normal 3.5 . . . the ability of the stomach acid to kill the "bad" bacteria . . . is now . . . non-existent! Which allows the "bad" bacteria to disrupt and relax the LES even more and now we are taking "Antacids" or prescription proton pump inhibitors on a regular basics, but never really fixing the problem . . . In actuality . . . we are setting ourselves up for bigger problems down the road

So is marketing these products a problem . . . Absolutely!!!! Approximately 52% of all American adults have used antacids. With 27% of adults taking 2 or more doses per "month" and the other 25% consuming them at least 6 doses per "WEEK".

Okay . . . so why are we "not" told the real reason we have acid reflux? And why "are" we told to take "Antacids" or proton pump inhibitors? Simply said . . . Because "Antacids" in any form are a 10 billion dollar industry, with reports stating that this market with be worth 18.7 billion dollar by 2025.

I could just cry . . .

So how do we fix this?

Simply said . . . correct the body's "internal dialogue" so you fix the ratio of "good" and "bad" bacteria in the body. If we correct this ratio and eliminate this bacteria overgrowth . . . the "acid reflux" will go away on its own and the body will heal itself naturally!

So what's a simple way to help this process?

Well . . . we must first get the pH of our stomach acid back to its normal 1.5 to 3.5 range so it will kill the "bad" bacteria and allow the LES to start acting with its regular elasticity so it opens and "closes" when it's supposed to.

Tomorrow I'll give you a few natural ways to accomplish getting the stomach acids back in order.

As always, if you'd like to set up a consultation, feel free to contact me here

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