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"Alcohol" and "Fat"

Okay . . . so today we'll continue our conversation with how "alcohol" affects our "weight".

As I've spoken in many other Health tips . . . the liver has the task of processing and eliminating "alcohol" from the body.

But . . . when the liver becomes overloaded and overworked in processing these "toxins" . . . it stores them to be processed later . . .

Where you ask???


You see . . . excess alcohol consumption can lead to what's known as "alcoholic fatty liver". This condition can damage the liver by affecting the way the body metabolizes and stores "carbohydrates" and "fats". And these changes make it very difficult to "lose weight".

Now . . . unlike "fat" which is deposited into fat cells . . . or carbs that are stored in our muscles. Or even glycogen in the liver (we spoke of this the other day). The body doesn't have a storage place for "alcohol".

And this is because the body categorizes "alcohol" as a toxic, poisonous molecule.

Okay . . . so another problem with drinking "alcohol" . . . is that "alcohol" changes the way the body "burns fat".

You see . . . the body has a pecking order as to what gets eliminated first.

And when we drink our "comfort" drink . . . the body will focus on breaking down the "alcohol" first due to being a toxin . . . rather than burning "fat". Meaning . . . instead of the body burning fat like it's supposed to . . . it burns the calories from the "alcohol" first. So if you have even one drink per day . . . the body will take a longer time to lose weight because it's too busy getting rid of the "alcohol" first.