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"Alcohol" - Closing comment

Okay . . . so I know I said we'd talk about another way to help "control our eating during the holidays" . . . and we will

But I just need you all to REALLY understand the devastation "alcohol" does to our body and health.

We spoke yesterday . . . that many of us have a drink with our dinner or before bed so we can relax and sleep better.

Well . . . did you know that drinking "alcohol" at this time of the day/night is very detrimental to ones health???

You see . . . yes, absolutely "alcohol" allows us to fall asleep faster and easier . . .

But . . . "alcohol" also disrupts our breathing during sleep by relaxing the throat muscles.

And with this . . . it can reduce the brain's ability to wake and detect a lack of "oxygen" in the body,

Or did you know that on average the body "only" burns about 100 calories when we sleep on a normal night???

And when we add "alcohol" to the body. The body spends the night trying to "burn" off the "alcohol" and NO "fat" calories are burnt.

But the most devastating part is this . . .

On any given normal day (without drinking) . . . the "bad" bacteria in our body is at its WORST at night.

You see . . . this is when we are the most relaxed and this "bad" bacteria does the most of its reproducing and damage to the body.

So let's think about this . . .

This is a normal act of "bad" bacteria . . . and now add to that "alcohol" and its toxin called "acetaldehyde" . . . which is like a FERTILIZER for "bad" bacteria to grow fast and out of control . . .

Our health is now in a world of hurt . . . and we can not recover easily from the devastation that grows and occur at night from drinking.

So if you do this every night . . . illness, obesity and disease will surely occur.

Tomorrow . . . we'll talk about "Patten Eating"

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