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So yesterday we spoke about "chlorophyll" being a natural detoxifying agent for the body.

Well . . . today we're going to continue this conversation with "Aloe vera".

We've all heard or used Aloe vera before on such things as burns, sunburns, giving shine to our hair and smoothing skin and acne . . . but did you know it's also good for detoxing the body of waste materials?

Aloe vera is excellent for supporting all the pathways for detoxification including constipation, lungs and liver congestion, blood sugar imbalance, allergies, heartburn, poor digestion and gas.

It also supports collagen levels, immunity and autoimmunity.

As we know from previous Health Tips . . . antioxidants are crucial for optimal health. They increase your white blood cell count and strengthen the entire immune system.

Well . . . guess what? . . . Aloe vera is rich in antioxidants, therefore boosting the immune system!

It can help internally and externally with inflammation such as with arthritis. It can aid in lowering blood sugar levels and reducing triglycerides. Therefore, it can aid in lowering high cholesterol.

Aloe vera has a hydrating ability and can solve many digestive problems and cleanse the intestines. Which ultimately can help with weight control and energy levels. And due to Aloe vera's high fiber content . . . it can improve your digestion by acting as a natural laxative.

So as you can clearly see . . . Aloe vera is an natural element that can help to cleanse and detoxify the body.

But as with anything . . . make sure you're consuming an organic and/or all natural product. Many Aloe vera juices contain "Sodium Benzoate" which can increase the risk of inflammation, oxidative stress, obesity, ADHD, and allergies.

And as we know from previous Health Tips . . . "sodium benzoate" can convert into "benzene" a potential carcinogen!

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