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Amino acids . . . our "saving grace"!

So how do we bounce back from having "NAC" taken away from us???

Well . . . the amino acid that was in "NAC" is called "L-Cysteine" . . . our body makes a small amount of it and we can actually get this amino acid from the food we eat such as in: (I'll list the top 10 from highest amount down)

Lean Pork chops

Beef (skirt steaks)

Lean Chicken breast





Low-fat Greek plain yogurt

Sunflower seeds

Swiss cheese

So eating these "proteins" on a daily basic can help in the fight against this virus.

Other amino acids that are important in protecting us from "ANY" virus would be . . .

"Arginine and Lysine"

We've spoken about these amino acids in many other Health tips.

But tomorrow we'll talk about why they're so essential for viruses and their prevention . . .

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