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"Amla" and our "Hair"

So today let's finish up our topic about healthy "hair" . . .

Today we talk about another one of my favorites . . . and that would be . . . "Amla" oil

You see . . . "Amla" oil is rich in vitamin C, E and antioxidants that contribute to cellular regeneration and promote healthy circulation to the blood vessels in the scalp.

And with this . . . all these elements can help to facilitate "hair" and skin growth . . . boosting the health of the scalp

This oil . . . has been known over centuries to be the "miracle cure" for "hair" care . . . due to the stimulation of "hair" growth and improved quality of "hair".

Okay . . . now I'm sure you're all excited at this new information . . .

And maybe some of you are doing the "HAPPY DANCE"

So the next question would be . . . how long does it take for "Amla" oil to grow hair???

Well . . . due to less breakage at the "hair" roots (hair loss) . . . it is possible to add some thickness to your "hair" in as little as 4 weeks.

But . . . that's if you're doing all the key elements we've been talking about.

And now I'm sure you're wondering . . . can "Amla" oil CURE baldness???

Well . . . we now know that it can "improve" actual "hair" growth . . .

And studies show that "Amla" oil is a powerful "natural" inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase . . . which is the same inhibitor many medication for male and female pattern baldness use.

So now I'm sure you're thinking . . . what the heck is 5-alpha reductase???

Well . . . there's a specific gene that provides instructions for making an enzyme called "steroid 5-alpha reductase" . . . with this enzyme involved in processing "androgens" which are hormones that direct male sexual development . . .

Specifically . . . this enzyme is responsible for a chemical reaction that converts the hormone testosterone to . . . you got it . . . DHT

Remember we spoke of this yesterday.

And this enzyme converts some of the testosterone the body produces (both men and women) into DHT . . . which plays a major role in prostate growth, acne, growth of facial hair and pattern baldness.

And . . . "Amla" oil can block DHT.

So if you add all the elements we've been talking about this week together . . .

the body can "regrow" its "hair"!!!

I know this for a fact . . . because going through all that I did with my "cancer" . . . and yes even having "hair loss" and "hair thinness" . . .

In about a month . . . my "hair" started to grow back . . . and in about 2 months, I noticed a difference in my "hair thickness" . . . and in about 3 months, I noticed the texture of my hair was now softer and more manageable than it had every been before.

So my routine may be something to think about if you want healthier hair.

Have a great weekend . . . stay safe . . . be "Mindful"

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