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An "Eating Plan" that's "Doable"

Okay . . . so we've been talking a lot about ways to help protect the body from "inflammation" . . . like by eliminating "ETHANOL", "fungal" foods and "high lectin" foods . . .

All while . . . rearming the body with "good" bacteria, adding "potassium" and "digestive enzymes" and correcting the body's "internal dialogue".

And that's what my "Meal Plan" program is all about . . .

It's about "FOCUSING" on the "prize" of optimal health.

This means . . . eliminating the "hidden" toxins in the food we love from this Western diet that are destroying our health . . .

AND . . . adding back into the body the enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and live cultures that we're "lacking" also due to our Western diet and lifestyle.

So let me ask you this . . . How many times have you read one of my Health tip . . . and had an "AHA" moment because you didn't know about the danger and damaging effect of the food we eat???

Or maybe something about the "mechanics" of the human body that you didn't know "food" affected poorly???

Well . . . that's why I've designed this "30 Day Meal Plan" (download) and "The Compliant Cookbook" . . . they're about "FOCUS" and eliminating the "HIDDEN" dangers in the food we eat.

You see . . . "I've" already taken all the guess work out of eating . . . I've carefully selected foods that are fungal and lectin-free or contain low lectins . . .

I've figured out what foods have the highest amounts of enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals . . . and "even" what time of the day they should be eaten for the best results to a healthy body.