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And the #1 condiment for the picnic season . . .

You got it . . . "Mayonnaise" . . .

But to be honest with you . . . when I looked that up . . . I actually thought "ketchup" would be #1

So the question for today is this . . . is mayonnaise good or bad for us???

Well . . . mayonnaise is an excellent source of vitamin E and K. And the big attraction to mayonnaise is its flavor and mouth-watering feel of "smoothness".

But . . . most mayonnaise can also "rack up" the calories quickly. Not to mention . . . most are very high in sodium.

Now . . . most store-bought mayo's are prepared using the process of emulsification. And with this . . . they're made with egg yolks, spices, lemon juice, lime juice or vinegar and lots of oil.

Mayo is full of saturated fat and can tack on some significant calories, especially if you like your salads extra creamy.

The problem with this is . . . extra oil in food items . . . tends to stretch the stomach due to being harder to digest and can cause an increase in appetite leading to obesity.

Not to mention . . . the high amount of salt and vinegar in mayonnaise can weaken bones and cause osteoporosis.

So why else should we limit our use of "mayonnaise"???

Well . . . as we know . . . the pancreas processes most of the fat we eat. And the more fat that's consumed . . . the harder the pancreas has to work.

And the higher the fat content in the food we eat, combined with the simple sugars we love so much . . . can increase the triglyceride level in the body. This boosts the amount of fat in the blood and increases the risk for acute pancreatitis . . . also leading to pancreatic cancer.

And for those of you that are trying to do right . . . and purchasing a mayonnaise that has olive oil instead of canola oil, like most other "unhealthy" mayonnaises . . .

Good for you . . . but still "Wrong"!

Why . . .

Well . . . regulatory officials allow a specific marketing strategy to happen . . .

You see . . . olive oil as we know, is very healthy for you . . . but it's also very expensive to use in products . . . but companies still wants to be able to advertise that their product has olive oil in it, so you'll think its healthy and buy it.

So how do they get around this issue???

Well . . . regulatory officials say . . . as long as the manufacturer has a drop of olive oil in the product . . . they can list this product as having olive oil . . .

But in essence . . . we're still really buying a jar of "canola" oil, which isn't healthy for you.

So give your pancreas and triglycerides a break this picnic season and limit your mayonnaise intake.

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