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And the winners are . . .

Feeling generous today . . .

The winners of my free giveaway are . . .

Cheryl Donaldson Edney

Pat Lenihan Reiber

Vivian Torone Zipoli

Maggie Jivery

Mary Shaw

Wendy Wilhelm Crawford

Stefanie Carner

Since only a few of you wanted to have some fun . . . I decided to make all of you that participated winners for being such good sports and faithful follows of optimal health.

So thanks for being a part of this journey. Please DM me with your address and choice of my book "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" or the supplement "Herbal Trace Minerals".

Okay . . . so tomorrow we get back to the business of how to lose weight naturally.

So I left you the other day with the question . . .

Are you a person that "eats" to "survive"?

Or a person that "survives" to "eat"?

Well . . . did you know that there are actually chemicals in the brain and bacteria in the stomach that determine which one of these people you really are?

So don't miss out on this important information.

As always feel free to contact me here

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