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And this is the "office" that Mindy built

So I've been talking about the new office that I built for the past few months. And I've finally moved in.

So I thought today I'd do a little sharing and show you my progress.

Yes, I built this . . . I will confess, the ceiling rafter and electrical my husband and oldest son did and the shingled roof I hired out. But I did everything from framing to sheet rocking, from building shelves to painting, from siding to decking to stonework and landscaping. I even built the chairs out front.

Basically . . . if you see it . . . I built it.

I still have a few things to do like fascia and soffit which I will hire out. I'm going to finish by planting some bushes and next spring put a deck out back,

But the inside is done. Thank you Lord!!!!

This was my mental therapy!

So please enjoy the slideshow and my labor of love!

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