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Another favorite . . . "Black pepper"

If you've purchased my Week 1 "Meal Plan" already . . . then you know I have a "go-to" list of spices . . . and black pepper would be one of them.


Well . . . as I've told you in many other Health tips . . . "free radicals" are unstable molecules that can damage the body's cells.

Now . . . some "free radicals" are created naturally, like when we exercise or digest food. This is just a natural occurrence of a bodily function. And if the body's immune system and "good" bacteria are functioning correctly . . . they will eliminate any of these "free radicals". No harm . . . no foul.

But . . . if the body's defense system is malfunctioning . . . excessive "free radicals" can be formed due to things like exposure to pollution, cigarette smoke or even the sun's rays.

And the damage from the excess "free radicals" can lead to major health problems such as inflammation causing arthritis, diabetes, premature aging, heart disease and certain cancers.

And this is where "black pepper" comes into play . . .

You see . . . "black pepper" is rich in a plant compound called "piperine" which is a very high "antioxidant".

And this "piperine" has been shown to improve brain function especially in symptoms of degenerative brain conditions like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

"Piperine" can help to control and lower high blood cholesterol, help to fight cancer and relieve pain.

And if we're talking about losing weight . . .

"Piperine" in black pepper can improve blood sugar metabolism, boost absorption of nutrients such as calcium and selenium, promote gut health (our "good" bacteria") and reduce your appetite.

So for me . . . adding this little spice is a must . . .

NOTE: One important element to this spice . . . even though "piperine" is excellent for optimal health in the amounts we use on food . . . "piperine" may have the ability to slow blood clotting in people with bleeding disorder . . . So please be aware . . .

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