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Another "Hidden" Jewel to Optimal Health

So today . . . let's talk about another "hidden" jewel to optimal health . . .

And that would be . . .

"Coconut water"

You see . . . "coconut water" is 94% water and low in calories.

It's an "electrolyte" and contains enzymes (with one of them being PROTEASE), amino acids and various plant hormones.

It's fat-free and cholesterol-free, prevents kidney stones and aids in "hydration" . . .

You see . . . "coconut water" is "electrolyte-filled" and can benefit the heart, moderate blood sugar and help to "improve" kidney health.

And this is especially important this time of year.

Why you ask???

Well . . . for one . . . we sweat more due to the warm weather . . . we also seem to consume more of this Western diet we love so much . . . and with this . . . we DON'T drink enough "water".

And if we by chance do consume the recommended amount . . . many times the body still doesn't get the minerals it needs to STAY "hydrated".

And drinking "unsweetened coconut water" . . . can aid in that process, due to containing "potassium" . . .

Remember we've spoken many time before that 98% of Americans consuming this Western diet . . . are deficient in "potassium".

And due to "coconut water" being "high" in "potassium" . . . it can lower "high blood pressure".

"Coconut water" eliminates "toxins" from the body and can even break down "kidney stones" due to being a "natural diuretic". It cleans the urinary tract and bladder channel

It soothes the stomach, it's easy to digest . . . and can help to prevent constipation.

You see . . . "coconut water" is a "hydrating" beverage and a natural source of electrolytes.

And guess what???

It's also an excellent drink for "diabetes" . . . why you ask???

Well . . . "coconut water" is loaded with protein and fiber . . . which are both essential nutrients for "diabetics" because it raises blood sugar levels "gradually".

But as always, please consult your own healthcare provider before trying anything new to the diet.

And tomorrow, we'll continue to discover why "coconut water" it so good for the body and our "immunity.

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