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Another way to help "control" a "Cytokine Storm"

Okay . . . so today . . . let's finish our conversation about a "cytokine storm".

Now . . . yesterday, we spoke of how "garlic" fits that bill of calming that storm . . .

But today we're going to discover the possibilities of "Mung Beans"

Now . . . I've done many Health tips on this little wonder bean before, but if you don't remember or you need a refresher . . . here we go . . .

"Mung bean" also known as Moong beans, Mung dal or Moong dal . . . are tiny little beans that kind of look like a dried pea but a little smaller.

And in many Asian countries . . . "mung beans" are commonly consumed due to having "anti-inflammatory" and "antimicrobial" properties, which helps to fight harmful bacteria and viruses.

They're also what's called "resistant starch", which helps in promoting healthy bacteria (our "good" bacteria) in our gut, therefore boosting the immune system.

Now . . . "mung beans" are high in protein and they're actually a little higher than chicken protein. So if you're not a chicken meat lover . . . maybe "mung bean" can help in getting your body the protein that it needs for optimal health.

"Mung beans" are also rich in vitamins and minerals like . . . folate (B9), manganese, magnesium, vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, selenium, phosphorus, iron, copper, potassium and zinc

And as for essential "amino acids" . . . they contain phenylalanine, leucine, isoleucine, valine, lysine, arginine, just to mention a few.

"Mung beans" contain "antioxidants" such as phenolic acids, flavonoids, caffeic acid and cinnamic acid. Which help neutralize harmful molecules known as "free radicals". And as we know from previous Health tips . . . "free radicals" can interact with cellular components and wreak havoc on our body and health.

With this damage . . . being linked to "chronic inflammation", heart disease, cancer and even this "virus".

"Mung beans" have the ability to lower "LDL" cholesterol, correct high blood pressure and aid in digestive health due to it containing "soluble fiber".

And as I spoke earlier . . . it contains "resistant starch" which works very similar to "soluble fiber". Meaning . . . it helps to nourish the body's "good" bacteria.

And as we know . . . WE NEED A LOT OF THAT PEOPLE!

"Mung beans" also have specific properties that help to keep "blood sugar levels" low.

How you ask???

Well . . . they're high in fiber and protein . . . which helps "slow" the release of sugar into the bloodstream.

Which also . . . can aid in "weight loss" because they have the ability to suppress the body's "hunger" hormones.

And what about the "inflammation" and "cytokine storm" we've been talking about?

Well . . . "mung beans" are very rich in "flavonoids" that have positive "anti-inflammatory" effects on a "cytokine storm".

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