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Are we being played????

So today . . . let's talk about this "virus" that seems to be the gift . . . that just keeps giving.

But first . . . I'd like to say . . . I am in NO way belittling the devastation of this pandemic or these viruses. This is a serious problem.

And in my mind . . . the biggest part of this problem is the "general public" (us) not being given factual information.

So let's better understand . . .

We've spoken of this many times at the beginning of this pandemic . . .

But today . . . due to being a year and a half into masking, distancing and vaccines . . .

I think we need to talk about it again, especially since I just found some (in my mind) disturbing information.

So what do we really know about a "VIRUS"? Any virus!

Well . . . a "virus" is a microscopic parasite that is generally much smaller than bacteria. In fact, it's the smallest parasite that exists. And they have a genetic code of either DNA or RNA.

DNA - is the hereditary material in humans and almost "all" other organisms.

Whereas . . . RNA is similar to DNA but is what converts the information stored in DNA into proteins.

Now . . . a "virus" DOES NOT have a brain, respiratory system, digestive system, the ability to reproduce or anything else that can keep it alive on its own.

You see . . . a "virus" is in essence, a "NON-LIVING" parasite because it can't reproduce or multiply without help.

But what it "DOES" need to survive is a "HOST" like us . . .

And without a "host" to attach to . . . it will DIE!

So now you ask . . . how does all this happen??

Well . . . a virus enters the body through the nose, mouth, eyes or the skin.

And once inside the "host's" body (us) . . . the "virus" infects "ONE" single cell by injecting the virus's genetic code (DNA) into that host's cell.

This "virus" will now hijack that cell in order to make many copies of itself to hide from the body's immune system.

The "host's" cell that was taken over by the "virus" . . . now dies and the "virus" takes the "host's" cell place in the body.

At this point . . . this "virus" cell has the ability to multiply because it's now using the "host's" living functions . . . and with this . . . it can move into more host's cells. And this is when we get sick.

Now . . . the "host's" immune system can protect the body from a low-level attack of a "virus" and adapt by building "antibodies" to the viral infection.

BUT . . . if the invading "virus" becomes out of control . . . and multiplies faster than the immune system can keep up due to being compromised . . . we're now in trouble.

So tomorrow we continue with how this all works and then I'll tell you what I just found out.

(In my mind . . . Truly devastating news)

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