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Are we being played? Continued

So today . . . let's continue to understand about viruses.

Okay . . . so what are the most common viruses that effect the human body?

Well . . . that would be . . .


Flu (influenza)



Human papillomavirus (HPV)

Infectious mononucleosis





And they "ALL" work the same. Even this virus plaguing us today.

Okay . . . so the biggest problem with "any virus" is this . . .

A "virus" has a protein coat that surrounds this parasite to protect it from destruction. It's like a shell or suit of armor. And unfortunately . . . "Cancer" wears this same suit of armor.

And that's why "cancer" and/or "viruses" are so hard to kill.

Okay . . . now . . . unless something can penetrate the shell of protein protecting a "virus" . . . the virus "CANNOT" be destroyed, killed and/or eliminated from the host's body.

Simple as that . . .

And that's where specific "amino acids" in the body come into play.

You see . . . some amino acids . . . the building block of "our" protein . . . have the ability to protect us from "viral" harm.

"IF" our immune system "ISN'T" compromised.

I know this first hand . . . because I used these "amino acids" to penetrate the shell and suit of armor for my "terminal cancer". Therefore, my body was able to control and conquer my cancer without chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or drugs of any kind. And for 12 years I've maintained the "0" stage of cancer.

So don't stop reading this information . . . we must understand the components of this story in order to understand why I'm so upset.

Tomorrow we'll continue with the information that's devastating the country and most of us don't even know it.

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