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Are we being too sanitary for our own good?

Bleach has been the number one . . . go to disinfectant for years. And rightly so!

But do you know why it works so well? Let's break it down. Bacteria, fungus and viruses all have a protein shell around them to protect them from destruction. Kind of like a suit of armor or a turtle and its shell. That's why they're so hard to destroy.

It's not the bacteria, fungus or virus that we have a hard time killing (because they're only a single cell organism) . . . it's getting through its protective lining that's so hard!

And that's why bleach works so well. Bleach breaks down the enemies protective barrier.

Okay. . . so you say, how does that happen. Well, It's kind of like an egg.

When you hard boil an egg, the heat changes the consistency of the egg and the egg can never return to its original state. The heating process changes the egg's molecular structure.

Well, bleach does the same thing in a sense to the protective shell around bacteria, fungus and viruses. You see, chlorine bleach has a specific chemical called hypochlorile. This chemical works like a heat stress on that protein which causes the protein to clump together. These proteins that hypochlorite attack are essential for the bacteria, fungus or viruses growth and survival.

So that's the good news!

But the bad news is . . . in doing its job correctly . . . chlorine bleach can also kill proteins in us.

Chlorine bleach and other disinfectant fumes are harmful to our lungs. Their job is to kill microbes, but the way they do so will generally also kill (or at least irritate) bits of the respiratory tract. It won't kill you, but it will weaken the lining of the lungs.

So to get the benefit of the disinfecting action of chlorine bleach and the safety you deserve. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU WEAR A MASK WHEN YOU USE THESE PRODUCTS!

In today's current crisis, we are dealing with a virus that affects our respiratory system. We need to stay healthy. And breathing in chlorine bleach and irritating our lungs is not helping.

So if you're cleaning, which I know many of us are . . . Wear a mask!

In times of confusion and crisis sometimes people take information too literally, so I feel the need at this time to say . . . Do NOT DRINK BLEACH TO KILL THIS VIRUS . . . THAT WILL ONLY KILL YOU!!!!! And as always . . . follow the direction on the label!

Stay safe!

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