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Are you a "STOMACH" Sleeper?

Okay . . . so yesterday we spoke about being a "back" sleeper and today we're going to talk about those of you that are "STOMACH" sleepers

And the question for today is this . . . is sleeping on our "stomach" GOOD for our health???

Well . . . it may feel comfy cuddling with our pillow . . . but like sleeping on our "back" . . . this too can cause "lower back pain".

And research shows that "stomach" sleeping is actually the "WORST" position for "back support".

Now . . . there are some benefits to sleeping on our stomach such as "reducing" the risk of "snoring" and/or "sleep apnea" . . . but it's many drawbacks far outweigh these few benefits.

So let's continue on . . .

Sleeping on our "stomach" can "disturb" our "spine neutral" position . . . and this can cause problems with our back, neck, joints and shoulders.

You see . . . in this position . . . the stomach "extends" the neck backward . . . which compresses the spine . . . and with this . . . you can have tingling in the arms . . . or you know . . . when your arms feel like they fell asleep . . . and this is due to blood flow being constricted and nerves being compressed.

So all in all . . . sleeping on your "stomach" may NOT be a good choice either.

So tomorrow . . . let's talk about "right-side" sleepers.

How do they measure up to a good night's sleep?

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