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Arginine and "Viruses"

As we now know from yesterday's information . . . the amino acid called "arginine" is an "essential requirement" for the "replication" of viruses and "progression" of viral infections.

"Arginine" bioavailability is absolutely necessary for the "replication" of herpes simplex virus, which causes cold sores/genital herpes, shingles, influenza and I personally think this "coronavirus" due to it being an RNA virus.

Now, let's talk about "viral shedding" . . . so we better understand this process of a virus.

Viral "shedding" occurs when a virus replicates "inside" a body and is released into the environment.

With "herpes" . . . "clinical" viral shedding was defined as shedding on days with lesions orally or vaginally. "Subclinical" viral shedding was defined as days on which the virus was detected but . . . in the absence of lesions. Meaning, before the actual breakout.

So what about "shingles"???

This may last about 5 to 7 days. The pain in the area of the rash can be intense as the nerves are irritated. The person is contagious and can spread the virus when blisters are forming and until all of the blisters have crusted over. This is when viral shedding is active.

Now with the flu and influenza . . . we have no lesions . . . and the viral shedding occurs at the onset of symptoms or just before the onset of illness. Viral shedding continues for 5 - 10 days.

This "shedding" process is when "any" virus is "contagious".

And guess what???

The "coronavirus" is no different.

You see . . . a single virus particle "cannot" replicate, shed or express a genetic material such as DNA or RNA without a host cell (YOU). But once it does . . . this is the process.

ATTACHMENT - the virus binds to a host cell (YOU)

PENETRATION - the virus infects its genetic material (its DNA or RNA) into the host's cell

UNCOATING - the virus contents are released into the host's cell

BIOSYNTHESIS - the virus genetic material replicates via the host

ASSEMBLY - the virus components and enzymes are produced and begin to assemble

RELEASE - newly produced virions are released from the host cell and move on to infect other cells.

So please remember this . . . .

Any virus's "replication" and "survival" is "dependent" on the "availability" of "arginine". And the "absence" of this essential amino acid for the virus's "survival" . . . will result in "empty" virus particles that are "free" of viral DNA or RNA.

And if there's "NO" DNA or RNA in a virus . . . the virus can't survive.

So my theory to controlling any virus is to control the amino acids that makes or breaks a virus's DNA or RNA.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about how to do that.

As always, feel free to contact me here

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