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"Arthritis" - continued

So today . . . let's continue the conversation about "arthritis"

Now yesterday . . . we spoke about the different kinds of "arthritis".

So today . . . let's dig a little deeper and figure out if there's a way to find some relief.

Now . . . there are many elements that are contributing factors to "arthritis" . . . like being overweight . . . or infections from bacteria or viruses.

But the biggest factor is this . . . the Western diet we love so much.

You see . . . this Western diet is filled with too many omega 6 fatty acids and not enough omega 3s fatty acids . . .

And I believe . . . this is the main cause of "arthritis" . . . due to "arthritis" being an "INFLAMMATION" disease!

And eating an "anti-inflammatory" diet is how we correct the "overload" of "inflammation" in the body that is inflaming our joints.

Now . . . with eating correctly . . . low-impact aerobic exercise like walking, biking, swimming, elliptical machines or as we spoke the other day . . . "rebounding" on a mini-trampoline . . . this can help to get joints moving to release some of this "inflammation" .

Another element is . . . getting enough "sunlight" . . .

You see . . . "lack" of both sunlight exposure and vitamin D are associated with "cartilage" loss. And adding the two back into the body has shown to help prevent the progression of "arthritis".

The sun helps the body synthesize vitamin D, which is essential for bone health and a well-functioning immune system. And guess what???