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Ask and you shall receive


You know . . . one of the best feelings in life, is knowing you made a difference.

That you were part of a change for the better and something positive.

Remember a few weeks ago, I did a Health tip called "Humbling Moment in Time"?

It was about a handicap bathroom and my experience using it in a wheelchair. If you remember . . . the toilet was a manual flush instead of an automatic flush for the handicapped and the door to the restroom was too heavy for anyone with a disability to open.

Well . . . guess what?

On this 2 week time off of mine . . . I just happened to be in the same store the other day and used this bathroom. I went pee in a regular stall and then washed my hands . . . but when I was done, instead of heading for the door to leave . . . I decided to check out the handicap toilet . . and guess what???

They had changed the flush on the toilet to an automatic one for the handicap.

Whoohoo! I guess one small voice can make a difference.

However, they still hadn't fixed the heavy door problem. But the toilet was good start.

I felt so grateful at that time.

What a moment of empowerment to making a change in the world.

Just one small step for helping humanity.

So stand strong people and make your voice heard.

There's no better feeling than making a positive difference.

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