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"Bad" bacteria and "Multiple Sclerosis"

Okay . . . so what "IF" . . . our "bad" bacteria is running amuck in our "large" intestine . . .

BUT . . . they "HAVEN'T" migrated to the "small" intestine yet . . . and they're "now" just causing "havoc" in the "large intestine"???

Well . . . this would mean . . . that the "bad" bacteria has OVERWHELMED the "good" . . .

And with this . . . we are "ALSO" a prime candidate for illness and disease.

Now . . . the Journal of Clinical Investigation . . . suggests that a "toxin" produced by certain C. perfringens bacteria in the "large" intestine may be the long sought-after "trigger" that "DEGRADES" the "blood-brain" barrier and kicks off the relentless "inflammation" and "brain cell degradation" characteristic of "MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS"!

And with this "increase" of bacterial "toxin" . . . we also have a "decrease" in our "good" bacteria . . . which "ALL" leads to "leaky gut".

Now . . . a Swedish doctor named Dr. David Perlmutter . . . has done many studies on these "toxins", "leaky gut" . . . and "Multiple Sclerosis" . . . and has now "confirmed" that "IMMUNE ACTIVATION" is a "consequence" of "INCREASED" intestinal "PERMEABILITY" . . .

Meaning . . . "leaky gut" may be the cause of "Multiple Sclerosis" . . .

So how do we "protect" our "Gut" from "harmful bacteria"???

Well . . . as I've said "many" times before . . . we have become a nation of a "LACK OF GOOD BACTERIA" in our body and diet.

You see . . . this Western diet that we all love so much . . . "LACKS" the "good" bacteria that the body needs for optimal health.

So, building and maintaining a "HEALTHY" gut . . . is all about "ADDING" that "good" bacteria back into our diet.

And we can do that by eating more "probiotic" foods like . . .




And more "prebiotic" foods like . . .

Omega 3s in walnuts, salmon and flaxseed

Cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage

Inulin in chicory root

FOS, XOS found in fruit, Jerusalem artichoke, garlic and onions

Plus . . . consuming "high" ANTI-INFLAMMATORY foods and herbs like turmeric, blueberries, salmon and ginger.

And with this . . . we need to keep our "saturated fat" intake to a MINIMUM . . . this is due to these "fats" feeding C. diff and other "bad" bacteria in our body

Also . . . "limiting" our consumption of "processed" carbohydrates like pasta, white bread and French fries

So next week . . . let's talk more about "PRE" and "PRO" biotics for optimal health.

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