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"Bad" Bacteria, "Arthritis" and Food - is there a connection?

So yesterday we spoke about some of the elements that can affect "arthritis" and may even be a cause . . . like vitamin D deficiency and/or a "bad" bacterial infection.

So today let's keep digging.

The American College of Advancement in Medicine says . . . they believe "bad" bacteria (which is fungus or yeast) is the cause of "rheumatoid arthritis" . . . in fact all "arthritis".

And this "bad" bacteria is the bacteria I'm always talking about that lurks deep within us and causes "inflammation" to the body . . . due to the body trying to get rid of this bacteria and its "ethanol".

And the U.S. National Library of Medicine says . . . "ethanol-derived" toxic metabolites induce reactive oxygen species . . . which in turn . . . triggers the "activation" of "inflammatory cells".

And guess what???

This "bad" bacteria and its "ethanol" can also cause . . . vitamin D deficiency . . . which has been linked to "arthritis".

So is the answer to curing "arthritis" or getting some "relief" . . . really just "eliminating" the overgrowth of "bad" bacteria in the body and correcting the "good" to "bad" bacteria "ratio"???

Well . . . through all my years of research . . . I believe the answer to that question is "YES".

Okay . . . so yesterday I said we'd talk about what food will help relieve the pain of "arthritis" . . . and we spoke about vitamin D and the sun.

Well . . . vitamin D3 . . . is the same form of the vitamin that the body makes from sunlight and is absorbed better than a vitamin D or D2 supplement.

And "fish oil" such as "cod liver oil" . . . can be an great alternative source of this "D" to help relieve "arthritis.

Vitamin D3 also regulates the production of "inflammatory cytokines" that we've spoken about many times before. And with this . . . it inhibits the proliferation of "proinflammatory" cells like with "arthritis".

Okay . . . so what other foods ease the pain of "arthritis"???

Well . . . that would be . . . salmon, mackerel, tuna (all are high in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D3), dark greens like spinach, kale broccoli and collard green (all high in vitamin E and C), nuts, olive oil, berries, garlic, onions and green tea.

So what else can help with aching joints???

Well . . . we've already spoken about omega 3 fatty acids helping "reduce" inflammation . . . therefore . . . relieving joint pain . . .

Well . . . "glucosamine" and "chondroitin" which are considered "non-vitamins" have anti-inflammatory effects. And "Glucosamine" helps keep the cartilage in joints healthy

You see . . . natural "glucosamine" levels in the body "drop" as we age . . . and it's a powerful "anti-inflammatory". And "glucosamine" and "chondroitin" are often used as an "osteoarthritis" treatment.

So when a "bad" bacterial overgrowth and its "ethanol" decides to make its home in our "joints" . . . this causes the "immune system" to send out "inflammation" to that joint . . . this in turn . . . causes "arthritis" to set in . . .

So do I believe we can conquer "arthritis" . . . absolutely . . .

And to do that we "must" correct the body's "internal dialogue" by getting the ratio of "good" to "bad" bacteria in the body back in sync, eat an "anti-inflammatory" diet, replenish our vitamin D and stay "HYDRATED".

NOTE: "glucosamine" and "chondroitin" may interact with anticoagulant drug. So as always, consult with your own healthcare provider before taking any supplements.

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at:

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