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Benefits of "Taurine"

So the past few days we've been talking about "bile salts" and their connection with the amino acid called "taurine" . . .

So the question for today is this . . . what are the other benefits of having enough "taurine" in our diet and therefore our body???

Well . . . as I said yesterday . . . "taurine" is a type of naturally occurring chemical in the body called an amino sulfonic acid . . . that is important for the heart, brain and supporting nerve growth.

And as we now know from the past few days . . . "taurine" improve "liver" function, while helping the body concentrate "bile salts"

"Taurine" is vital for the body's overall health . . . with it being one of the most abundant amino acids in muscle tissue, the brain . . . and also regulating the calcium levels in certain cells.

It can lower blood pressure and calm the nervous system. .

And guess what???

It even improve our "lipid profile" . . . that our fat!

You see . . . it supports our "metabolism" due to being necessary for metabolic and digestive processing . . . it can boost physical performance, protect the body's musculoskeletal system, improve the eyes and our hearing, protect the heart and fights brain aging.

And it can even help to prevent obesity . . . that's right!!!!

"Obesity" impacts every area of the body . . . especially due to the "inflammation generating abdominal fat cells" . . . and "taurine" can reduce that body weight.

And if you have anxiety . . . it's good for that too . . . because it increasing "glycine" and "GABA" to calm the brain . . . which can also help long-term memory

But as always, please check with our own healthcare provider before taking any new regiment

So have a great weekend . . . stay safe and be "MINDFUL" See you next week.

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