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"Bile Salts" and a Special "Friend"

So today, let's continue with the story about "bile salts" and another VERY IMPORTANT attribute for many people in today's world.

You see . . . the U.S. National Library of Medicine says . . . "Bile salts" are NATURAL DETERGENTS for the body and have been known to help prevent sexually transmitted diseases . . .


They go on to say . . . the observation that "bile salts" are surface active and "inhibit" HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) early gene expression and plaque formation in parallel (we spoke about "biofilm" plaque and its destruction to the body a week ago) . . . suggests that they may have the capacity to "destroy" or "inactivate" viruses like Herpes.

So that's a biggie for those in the world that are plagued with Herpes outbreaks.

Okay . . . so let's continue on . . . and figure out what other foods can help increase our "bile salts"

And they would be elements like . . .

"Apple cider vinegar" . . . because ACV increases the "bile" production and supports the liver. And in doing this . . . it also has the ability to break down bad cholesterol

"Turmeric" is another element . . . it's a warming little spice that has been used to increase "bile" flow and optimize "sluggish" digestion by promoting blood flow and supporting the lining of the gut.

And one of my favorite spices "Ginger" . . . can also directly stimulate the liver to secrete more "bile juices"

But as always, please check with your own healthcare provider before adding anything new to your diet.

Now . . . tomorrow we'll be talking about "bile salts" and why they need a "FRIEND"

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