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"Bile Salts" and a "Special Friend" - continued

So what is this special friend that "bile salts" need to function properly???

Well . . . there's an amino acid that is directly involved with the formation of "bile salts" . . . and is responsible for providing a substrate for them.

And therefore . . . this amino acid has the ability to "increase" the "concentration" of "bile"

This amino acid can help "bile salts" support proper fat digestion and is used in the body for the conversion of "bile acids" to a more water-soluble, less stone-forming form of bile.

Which in turn . . . can also support the brain, heart and overall "immunity".

So how does this amino acid help the "gallbladder"???

Well . . . it dissolves and flushes our "gallstones".

You see . . . cholesterol content of the "gallbladder" increases with cholesterol gallstone formation . . . and with this . . . taking this amino acid can help to decrease the "cholesterol" content of the liver.

So what is this amino acid called???

Well . . . that would be . . . "taurine" . . . and if we become "bile salt" deficient (with or without a gallbladder) . . . therefore deficient in specific vitamins . . . we also become deficient in "taurine"

So where do we find this amino acid???

Well . . . "taurine" is found naturally in meat, fish, dairy produce and human milk.

So think about adding a little "taurine" to the diet to relieve the body of "gallstone" formation and unwanted "cholesterol" content.

But . . . as always, please consult your own healthcare provider before starting any new diet regiment

And tomorrow we'll finish with the benefits of "bile salts" and "taurine".

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