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"Biofilm" - continued

So today . . . we continue the conversation of "biofilm" and the one place we can "actually" see it . . .

And that would be . . . on our "teeth"

So let me ask you this . . . do you ever get a slimy build-up on your teeth???

Well . . . if so . . . this is "biofilm" dental "plaque".

And to put things in perspective . . . this is the same "biofilm" plaque that can build up "INSIDE" the body.

And if you've ever had "plaque" on your teeth . . . then you surely have "biofilm" in other parts of the body that are moist . . . such as the surface of the skin like arm pit, back of knee and elbows, thighs, feet constantly in shoes, around private parts, in the intestines, bladder, urinary tract, arteries, mouth, eyes, sinuses and lungs.

Now . . . because "biofilm" protects these microbes like "bad" bacteria, fungus and "cancer" . . . the immune system is virtually "DEFENSELESS" to eliminate them.

And once these "biofilm" mature . . . they secrete "bio-toxins" which are designed "specifically" to "TURN-OFF" our immune cells.


So simply put . . . the overgrowth of this "biofilm" is "polluting" the body . . . and "short-circuiting" the immune system.

And with this . . . the presence of "biofilm" . . . increases the microorganism's "resistance" to "antibiotics" and treatments.

Now . . . this "plaque" can get lodged just about anywhere . . . and with this . . . it can "block" vital nutrients, blood flow and oxygen to the body's muscles.

So tomorrow, let's discover more and talk about how to "stop" biofilm in its tracks.

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