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Do you know why "Bromelain" is so important to your health?

Well . . . Bromelain is a protein=digesting enzyme mixture derived from the stem, fruit and juice of the pineapple plant.

Bromelain has treated a variety of health conditions, especially those associated with "chronic inflammation", such as allergies, osteoarthritis, sinusitis, bronchitis, muscle soreness and ulcerative colitis. Bromelain is also said to stimulate digestion and improve heart health as well as protect against some forms of cancer.

Okay . . . so pineapples contain this enzyme "bromelain" which is said to have incredible anti-inflammatory, digestive, and pain-relieving properties. It has also been none to kill some viruses and bacteria infections.

But . . . if you're not a pineapple lover . . . here are a few more foods that contain some "bromelain" . . .

Kiwi , Ginger, Asparagus, and Sauerkraut

And as always . . . fresh is better than canned or frozen.

So what exactly does this "bromelain" do for the body and its digestion?

Well . . . "bromelain" is a type of digestive enzyme known as a "protease", which breaks other proteins apart by cutting the chains of amino acids. We spoke about amino acids and their importance in several previous Health Tips.

Where other digestive enzymes break down starch into sugar . . . "protease" enzymes are produced in the stomach and pancreas with their main ones breaking down proteins into small proteins or smaller units, such as peptides or amino acids. .Which in turn, the body can then use for energy, Some of these proteases also aid digestion in the small intestine, but where "protease" stands apart is the fact that they also play a number of other essential roles in the process, like recycling of proteins and "immune system support".

And guess what? . . .

This is a biggie . . . if you're "lactose intolerant" . . . you don't have enough "protease" to break down the dairy.

And with that being said . . . keeping the intestines and digestive tract "hydrated" is another major element to a healthy digestive system, so tomorrow we'll talk about H2O.

So get your "bromelain" fix on today.

As always, if you'd like more information, feel free to contact me here.

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