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"Building Awareness" about the "Supplement" we take.

Since "Building Awareness" should be a top priority in life . . . remember without our health, we have nothing . . . today we're going to talk about our Supplements!

So the question is . . . How do your supplements rate? Compliant or not?

We're all doing our best to be knowledgeable about our health these days - BUT - today let's dig a little deeper and focus on what we're actually putting into our bodies. Let's use "Probiotics" because that topic is fresh on our minds since I just posted a Health Tip about them.

This time . . . instead of talking about the actual strains of probiotics themselves, let's talk about the "other Ingredients" in these products.

Did you know that when we look at the label on "any" product (not just supplements), most of us just look at the "Supplement Facts" or "Nutritional Facts". You know . . . how many milligrams something is or how many calories, sodium, fat, cholesterol, etc. are in the product you want to eat. And most of the time, the supplement or the product we are purchasing is "compliant" to eat or take because we know what to look for.

But . . . looks can be deceiving. You've just played right into the manufacturers hands. They have you thinking you did good! The media and conventional medicine only educates us on what they want us to know. And we are taught to be concerned about what's in the "Supplement Facts" and/or "Nutritional Fact's" . . . and rightly so. These are important factors!

But even though you have chosen a good, compliant product . . . is it really good for us.?

That's where we need to start looking at the "Other Ingredients" part of the label. This is where this good, compliant supplement or food product becomes "NON-Compliant" and devastating to our health!!!

For example . . . I'll use a probiotic that's on the market today that's one of the biggest sellers on the shelf. (Sorry I can't say the name) but if you were to read the "Other Ingredient" list, this is what you would find . . .

This product contains:

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose which is made "chemically" through modification of cellulose, used as "plastic"

Microcrystalline cellulose is refined "wood pul