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Calming the fire of a "hot flash"

Okay . . . so yesterday we discovered that "hot flashes" are not what we thought they were!

And we now know . . . that correcting the ratio of the amino acids called "arginine" and "lysine" can help in the battle of feeling like you're on "FIRE"!

So how do we fix this problem???

Well . . . first . . . we must avoid trigger foods such as alcohol, caffeine, fatty meats, spicy foods and processed foods.

These are all "trigger" foods . . . that are high in "arginine" and facilitate "hot flashes"

Now . . . we should add to our diet "cool" foods such as apples, bananas, spinach, broccoli, eggs and green tea. Which are all high in "lysine'

Even adding raw apple cider vinegar with "mother" will help regulate toxins in the body which can reduce the intensity of "hot flashes" and "night sweats".

And if you're looking for a spice that helps . . . "turmeric" can manage and reduce "hot flashes" and joint pain.

Okay . . . so let's better understand . . .

As we know . . . we definitely need "arginine" in the body for optimal health . . . but we need the right amount . . . not too much

So where does the amino acid called "lysine" come into play???

Well . . . as we have discovered from previous Health tips . . . "lysine" counteracts too much "arginine" in the body.

And "lysine" is very effective on menopausal symptoms such as "hot flashes", osteoporosis and weight issues.

You see . . . "lysine" is an essential amino acid, which means that it's needed by the body . . . but the body can't produce it. It must come from the food we eat.

Now . . . "lysine" is needed to ensure that bones grow properly and it's one of the building blocks of protein.

But . . . most importantly . . . "lysine" is also essential in the synthesis of "carnitine". "Lysine" helps in the production of "carnitine", which helps in the metabolism of fatty acids and the control of cholesterol levels.

And it's "carnitine" that helps with osteoporosis and bone strength and weight issues in menopause.

Okay . . . so how can we tell if we're not getting enough "lysine" producing "carnitine"???

Well . . . you would look for a decrease in muscle or floppy muscle tone and muscle weakness. being fatigued, irritability, delayed movement (motor) development, symptoms of low blood sugar if the liver is affected and/or swelling (edema) or shortness of breath is the heart is affected.

"Lysine" also plays an essential role in assisting optimal absorption of "calcium". Again, another menopause issue. And as a result . . . it aids in the prevention of osteoporosis while maintaining the health of the bones in general.

And when "lysine" works together with "arginine" . . . it helps to keep the integrity of the blood vessels and therefore . . . reduces "hot flashes".

Now . . . what foods are high in "lysine" valued ratio to counteract "arginine" and help with menopause and "hot flashes"???

Well . . . that would be . . . plain Greek yogurt, provolone cheese, parmesan cheese, goat milk, beets, apricots, apples, pears, applesauce (unsweetened), avocado, salmon, swordfish, haddock, tomatoes, turnips, eggs, chicken (no skin), Cod, lamb, pineapple, celery, lean red meat, pork, summer squash, dried peaches, green beans, lettuce, cauliflower, spinach, kale, watermelon, cabbage and sweet potatoes . . . just to mention a few.

And if you don't like these foods . . . then taking a "compliant" lysine supplement may be the avenue you want to take.

But . . . as always, talk to your own healthcare provider before trying any new diet or supplement.

So in closing . . . managing and/or stopping "hot flashes" and/or "night sweats" is really all about correcting your diet and the "lysine"/"arginine" ratio in the body.

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