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"Can't sleep" - continued

So the question for today is this . . . are you a "clock watcher"???

Well . . . yesterday we discovered why science thinks we can't sleep at night due to issues like a racing "heart" or "mind".

But today . . . we're going to talk about the "REAL" reason we can't sleep at night.

And that would be due to the "bad" bacteria I'm always talking to you about.

That's right!


So let's better understand . . .

Now . . . while the "brain" and "nervous system" are the areas of the body that control our "sleep cycle" . . . studies show that most people with "insomnia" . . . have a "normal" nervous system.

So what causes the body to "not" sleep then???

Well . . . that would be the . . . "LIVER"

You see . . . the "liver" has the task of purifying our blood. And it does this by taking the toxins in the body and putting them into a non-toxic state to be removed from the bloodstream.

But . . . if this process malfunctions . . . and the liver can't do its job correctly . . . then these toxins are allowed to stay in the blood and ultimately all our organs and even the brain.