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Candy eating - continued

Okay people . . . so tomorrow's the big day . . . Halloween!

So let's continue talking about how to counteract all that "sugar" we'll be eating.

Well . . . yesterday we spoke about how to control a "blood spike and crash" . . . and today we need to talk about how to help "flush" the sugar out of the body so the "bad" bacteria and fungus lurking deep within us . . . can't get fed.

So how do we do that???

Well . . . keeping the body "hydrated" will help!

Drinking at least 8 - 8 ounce glasses of water every day . . . will help oxygen to flow freely in the body and with this . . . it will help the kidneys and colon eliminate waste.

And best of all . . . staying "hydrated" will help to flush out excess "sugar" from the body.

Whoohoo . . .

Now, that doesn't mean we get a "free pass" to eating all the candy we want . . . because we still have to deal with the extra calories.

And tomorrow we'll talk about that.

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