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"Cardamom" for the "Pancreas" and "Digestive" Health

I've spoken about the spice called "cardamom" many times before . . . and the past few days we've been talking about the "pancreas . . .

So today . . . let's explore more of the possibilities . . .

What does "cardamom" have to do with the pancreas???

Well . . . "cardamom" is a sweet, pungent, warming little spice commonly used in Indian recipes that has also been used for centuries as a "medicinal" element for the spleen, stomach, lungs, kidneys . . . and the "pancreas".

And "cardamom" aids in digestion, relaxes spasms, asthma, teeth and gum infections, cataracts, nausea, diarrhea . . . and heart, digestive and kidney disorders . . . and it "cuts mucus" (this is the collection of "bad" bacteria in their colonies) . . . so it is very useful for the lungs.

"Cardamom" is an excellent antioxidant, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory and metabolic control agent . . . which has the ability to prevent and treat many types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic inflammatory conditions, digestive disorders . . . as well as infectious bacterial and fungal diseases.

It helps to break down "cholesterol", regulate "acidity", reduce the pain of migraines, can help to reduce the symptoms of IBS by balancing the "digestive fire" in the body, aids in the relief of skin diseases . . .

And . . . it has the ability to help heal stomach related cancers like . . . intestinal cancer, stomach cancer . . . and "pancreatic" cancer.

So let's think about adding this little spice to our diet . . .

But, always remember to consult with your own healthcare provider before adding anything new to your diet.

So have a great weekend . . . Stay safe and mindful . . . and see you on Monday

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