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So yesterday . . . we spoke about the general public NOT eating enough fruit and vegetables everyday

And when we "DO" try to be good and eat through fruits and veggies . . . we still "fail" in feeling better

Well . . . this is due to eating the "wrong" fruits and veggies.

And "carrots" would be a good example . . .

How many times . . . in your weight loss efforts, have you grabbed some "carrots" to munch on . . . only to find that you're still hungry after eating them.

Well . . . in theory . . . you would be correct in eating them because "carrots" are filled with both soluble and insoluble fiber that can help keep blood sugar levels under control. And they're loaded with vitamin A, beta-carotene, calcium and vitamin K for bone health.

So if your body "isn't" in "crisis mode" . . . this is a "GREAT" snack or side dish . . .

BUT . . . "carrots" are also considered a "starchy" food

And "STARCH" FEEDS THE "BAD" BACTERIA IN THE BODY, which is causing the body's immune system to send out even MORE "inflammation"!!!!

So even though you think you're doing good by eating that "carrot" . . . You're really just adding to your health problems.

Now . . . I'm sure for those of you that have done my "meal plan" program . . . you're now saying . . . wait a minute . . . you use "carrots" in some of your recipes . . .

And you would be correct . . .

But . . . the difference is this . . .

If you're dieting and trying to control your weight or a "health issues" like "inflammation" . . . and you're not eating correctly in an "anti-inflammatory" matter . . .

Then eating a food high in "starch" would only work against your efforts and feed the "bad" bacteria.

But . . . in my "meal plan" program . . . I've "eliminated" all the other elements that feed the "bad" bacteria and cause "inflammation" . . . therefore . . . eating a small amount of "carrots" for their "nutrient value" now becomes "compliant".

Tomorrow we continue . . .

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