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"Ceylon" vs. "Cassia"

So today let's finish this topic of "cinnamon" with . . . "is all cinnamon created equal"???

And . . . the answer to that would be "NO"!

There are 2 kinds of "cinnamon" . . . "Ceylon" and "Cassia"

So now you ask . . . how do we tell the difference???

Well . . . the "Cassia" is dark brown-red in color with thicker, more solid sticks and a rougher texture. And if you were to try to bite into a stick . . . you would not be able to leave a mark with your teeth. Cassia is a lower quality and cheaper cinnamon, therefore, more commonly used around the world, with this cinnamon mainly comes from China and Indonesia.

And almost "ALL" supermarkets sell this "Cassia" cinnamon in the spice section . . . with "ALL" products containing cinnamon on the market today using this "cheap" spice.

Now . . . "Ceylon" is called the "TRUE" cinnamon because it comes from the inner bark of the tree and is tan-brown in color and contains many tightly layered sticks rolled together with soft layers.

And if you were to bite one . . . you would leave teeth marks. Now . . . "Ceylon" is less commonly used and sold because it is quite expensive.

So now you ask . . . why does all this matter???

Well . . . first let's check out the benefits of "any" kind of "cinnamon" and then we'll continue as to why . . .

"Cinnamon" is a yummy little spice that I think we all can agree is one of America's favorite flavors.

It's high in antioxidants that can reduce free radical damage and slow the aging process which can prevent chronic diseases,

It can help limit nitric oxide build-up in the blood (we spoke of this the other day), which helps prevent the risk of brain disorders, cancer and heart disease.

Cinnamon can relieve "inflammation" which lowers swelling, manages pain, reduces muscle soreness and can decrease menstrual pain

It can protect the heart while aiding to reduce high cholesterol levels, high triglyceride levels and high blood pressure.

It can stabilize blood sugar, has antidiabetic effects by lowering blood sugar levels and improves sensitivity to the hormone insulin.

Cinnamon has the ability to fight the "bad" bacteria I'm always taking about and viruses due to containing antibiotic, antifungal and antiviral properties.

So you can clearly see . . . "Cinnamon" is a darn good spice for optimal health . . . but what about weight loss???

Well . . . its effect on blood glucose (sugar) levels can help the body lose weight because its also an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial which can help the body lose "visceral" fat.

"Cinnamon" has the ability to boost the body's insulin function and "metabolism", therefore . . . helping us "burn" calories.


Now . . . all cinnamon has the benefits we just spoke of . . . but only 1 is truly healthy for the body.

You see . . . there's a toxin called "Coumarin" that can cause havoc to the body. And "Cassia" contains about 250 times more "coumarin" than "Ceylon" cinnamon does.

And this toxin "coumarin" . . . can cause damage to the liver if consumed for long periods of time.

And as we know . . . the general public loves this Western diet which contains a very high amount of "CINNAMON".

Just take a minute and think about it . . . we find cinnamon in muffins, breads, cereals, oatmeal. apple tarts, honey rollups, cookies, cheesecake, coffee cake, coffee, pies, gum and the list goes on and on.

Cinnamon is everywhere . . . even in things that don't taste like cinnamon.

And unfortunately . . . these companies don't go the extra mile and pay the extra price of using "Ceylon" cinnamon . . . leaving "Cassia" cinnamon the number 1 used cinnamon in the world . . .

And the toxin called "coumarin" being consume by us everyday.

So choose wisely my friends and add "Ceylon" cinnamon to your diet for optimal health and weight loss.

As always, feel free to contact me here

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