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"Cholesterol" - the silent killer!

So the other day, I had a request from a very dear friend of mind that wanted to know about "Cholesterol".

So today, we're going to take a little break from talking about "weight loss" to address this very serious issue.

So first up . . . what is "cholesterol" and how does it affect us???

Well . . . "cholesterol" is a waxy type of "fat" or "lipid". And this "fat" . . . moves throughout the body in our blood.

Now . . . these "lipids" are just substances that do not dissolve in water and therefore . . . do not come apart in blood.

Okay . . . so that seems simple enough . . . right?

Well guess what???

The body actually "makes" its own "cholesterol" in small amounts in the liver and is "harmless" to our health . . .

In fact . . . we actually "need" this blood "cholesterol" that the body makes to build the structure of cell membranes and make hormones like estrogen, testosterone and adrenal. It also helps the body's metabolism work efficiently and is essential for the production of vitamin D.

So you can clearly see . . . just how important this blood "cholesterol" is to our body and optimal health.

Okay . . . so where does "cholesterol" go BAD???

Well . . . that would be the "cholesterol" we get from eating animal fat or synthetic fats.