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"Chronic Fatigue" - are we running out of battery?

So today . . . let's talk about something that seems to be plaguing many of us in today's hectic world.

And that would be . . . "chronic fatigue syndrome".

Okay . . . so first . . . what exactly is it???

Well . . . "Chronic fatigue syndrome" is a serious, debilitating, chronic disease that affects multiple body systems like the nervous system, the immune system and the body's production of energy.

And this disorder is characterized by "extreme" fatigue that lasts for at least 6 months, can't be fully explained by underlying medical conditions, worsens with physical or mental activity and "doesn't" improve with rest.

Some people even experience pain all over the body such as . . . muscle pain, headaches, tender lymph nodes or a chronic sore throat.

So how many of us in the U.S. have this disorder???

Well . . . according to the Institute of Medicine . . . an estimated 836,000 to 2.5 million Americans suffer from this debilitating disorder.

Now . . . conventional medicine says there's no cure or approved treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome, but some symptoms can be "managed".

But guess what???

You know how I'm always talking about how an overgrowth of our "bad" bacteria can wreck havoc to our body . . .

Well . . . in the alternative world of medicine . . . my world . . . a bacterial infection (bad bacterial overgrowth) can cause such health issues as pneumonia, problems with the immune system, a hormone imbalance, mental health problems, emotional trauma, unnecessary stress and you guessed it . . . chronic fatigue!

So in a nutshell . . . what we eat and how we feed our "bad" bacteria to grow out of control . . . directly determines how fatigued we can become.

You see . . . not eating enough or eating foods that are not nutritiously sound . . . can cause the "bad" bacteria in the body to grow fast and out of control . . . which can cause severe fatigue.

And as we already know from previous Health tips . . . if you eat foods that cause spikes in blood sugar . . . as soon as those sugar levels drop . . . you feel fatigued. So eliminating junk food, high in sugar and fat is a good start to regaining the body's energy.

And with this . . . there are several other ways to correct the issues of chronic fatigue, such as . . .

Eating an anti-inflammatory diet, staying hydrated, limiting caffeine intake, eating small frequent meals and eliminating sugar and fatty foods.

Okay . . . so now I'm sure you're thinking . . . wait a minute . . . limit caffeine intake . . . that's what gives me energy when I'm tired.

Well . . . for the average person . . . yes is does . . . but for someone with "chronic fatigue" . . . it can actually "aggravate" the situation.

You see . . . "caffeine" can actually worsen some mechanisms in the body causing aggravated "adrenal exhaustion" and "low blood sugar", which amplifies anxiety, stress symptoms and "fatigue".

So to combat "chronic fatigue syndrome" . . . we must eat an "anti-inflammatory", "compliant" diet, keep the body hydrated and replenish the body's "good" bacteria.

Tomorrow we'll continue this discussion on how to rev up your energy to get rid of "chronic fatigue syndrome"

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