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"Chronic Fatigue" - continued

Do you ever feel like you just have "no more energy" to pull yourself out of the sandpit of life?

Well . . . let's take today and see if we can discover a way to get some relief from "chronic fatigue syndrome".

But first . . . let's better understand . . .

Studies have shown that people with "chronic fatigue syndrome" have decreased activation of an area of the brain known as the "basal ganglia" in response to reward.

And the "basal ganglia" is part of the "limbic system" we've been talking about.

So where is the "basal ganglia" located and what exactly is its function???

Well . . . the "basal ganglia" are a set of brain structures located beneath the cerebral cortex, which is located at your forehead and a little above. This area contains about 6 layers of nerve cells and is covered by gray brain matter.

So how does all this work???

Well . . . "basal ganglia" receives information from the cortex, transmits it to the motor center of the brain and returns it to the part of the cerebral cortex that is in charge of motion planning.

And this motion planning . . . is the selection of our voluntary behavior and "perception".

Now . . . damage to the "basal ganglia" cells may cause problems controlling speech, movement and posture. Whereas, in severe cases . . . this is called "parkinsonism".

Okay . . . so as for "chronic fatigue syndrome" . . .

Fatigue without a disease attached . . . is a result from changes in the "basal ganglia" So what can help to counteract "chronic fatigue syndrome" (CFS)???

Well . . . first we have to look beyond conventional medicine and its science to my world . . . the alternative medicine world.

You see . . . I believe there "is" a cause or trigger to CFS!

Alternative medicine and its research has found that when levels of the body's specific "good" gut bacteria are depleted . . . and the our "bad" bacteria now overwhelms the body . . . This scenario is "strongly" linked to CFS.

And with this . . . "viral infections", glandular fevers and bacterial infections are also linked to "chronic fatigue syndrome.

Now . . . to take back control of our energy . . . we must replenish our "good" bacteria with compliant probiotics.

And in time . . . the body and its energy levels will start to function correctly again.

Okay . . . so tomorrow, we'll talk about my take on this virus and what has devastated our country and the world.

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