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"Coconut Water" - continued

Okay . . . so what else can drinking a glass of "coconut water" everyday do for the body's health???

Well . . . as I mentioned yesterday . . . due to it containing "monolaurin" . . . it can boost the body's "high-density" lipoprotein . . . which is the "good" cholesterol that reduces the risk of heart disease.

And if you're looking to lose some weight . . . "coconut water" is low in calories and easy on the stomach because it's packed with "bio-active enzymes" that can ease digestion and boost the "metabolism". And as we know . . , the "higher" the "metabolic rate" . . . the more "fat" the body can "burn".

And due to it containing helpful "electrolytes" that promote "pH balance" in the body . . . it can help "control" acid reflux.

And guess what???

Headaches and "migraines" are many times triggered by low levels of "magnesium" in the body . . . and "coconut water" and its "magnesium" content . . . can help to alleviate them.

Okay . . . so did you know that when the body comes in contact with "pollution" . . . the "potassium" level in the body becomes even "lower" than it is . . . which can affect our "breathing"???

Well . . . a quick solution would be to drink a glass of "coconut water" due to its "high" potassium levels . . . which have the ability to help "clean" the lungs.

And what about . . . "chest infections"???

Well . . . as we know . . . keeping the body "hydrated" is a must for healthy clean lungs and "coconut water" can speed up that process.

Okay . . . so if the benefits we've been talking about for the past few days . . . aren't enough . . . how about this???

"Coconut water" helps to manage "gastritis" by targeting H. pylori and "reducing" gas formation in the stomach. And this is due to being an "antiseptic" that can kill bacteria.

Now . . . what's the best time to drink this "yumminess"???

Well . . . you can actually enjoy it anytime of the day. But drinking it early in the morning is a good choice because "coconut water" contains "lauric acid" . . . which boosts immunity and can help "kick-start" your metabolism. And that can help with the body's weight lose efforts.

Okay . . . so who "should not" drink "coconut water"???

Well . . . that would be people that have a "high potassium" level, people with "cystic fibrosis" or if you have "low" blood pressure.

And as always, please consult your own healthcare provider before trying anything new in your diet plan.

Have a great weekend and see you Monday.

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