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"Collagen" part 2

Okay . . . so yesterday we discovered that "collagen" is the glue . . . so to speak . . . that holds the body together.

We also found out . . . that as we age, we lose 1% of our natural "collagen" production per year.

And this is called "aging gracefully"

But . . . the more toxins that enter the body such as sugar, refined carbs, too much sun and smoking and/or drinking alcohol . . . the greater amount of "collagen" we lose . . . therefore increasing and speeding up this aging process.

And . . . taking a collagen supplement or powder, can aid in a number of health benefits . . .

"IF" . . . you eliminate the toxins that are speeding up the process of eliminating "natural" collagen in the first place.

You see . . . we couldn't add enough collagen to the diet to counter act the amount of collagen being lost and eliminated by the all the toxins harboring in body from the food we eat.

Okay . . . so what are some potential side effects from taking a collagen supplement or powder???

Well . . . if you take "too much" or "are not compliant" with "reducing" toxins from the body , . . .

This can cause . . . hypersensitivities and allergic reactions, hypercalcemia, bad taste in the mouth, heart arrhythmias, fatigue, constipation, feeling too full, heartburn, a decrease in appetite and possible kidney stones.

Now . . . another issue that most people don't know about taking collagen is this . . .

Collagen is very high in the amino acid called "arginine" (we've spoken of this in previous Health tips) and too much "arginine" in the body is converted into too much nitric oxide.

And even though we need nitric oxide to relax the inner muscles of the body's blood vessels . . . too much can cause headaches, migraines and damage brain cells leading to neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, Huntington and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

So let me ask you this . . .

Have you ever taken "collagen" and experienced abdominal pain, "bloating" or diarrhea???

Or how about an outbreak of cold sores or a herpes flare up???

Well . . . this is all due to "collagen" containing a high level of "arginine" . . . and "arginine" affecting the body negatively. So you would need to "STOP" taking the "collagen" to regulate the body's amount of "arginine" intake.

Now . . . taking "collagen" can also worsen breathing in people with asthma or interact with certain medications that lower blood pressure.

So if you're taking collagen in supplement or powder form . . .

Please be aware of what your body to telling you. You could be causing more harm than good . . . all in the name of finding that "fountain of youth".

So how do we increase the body's "collagen" production naturally???

Well . . . tomorrow we'll discover the possibilities.

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