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"Collagen" part 4

Okay . . . so what else do we need to know about stimulating our natural "collagen" production???

Well . . . stimulating natural collagen production which makes up 30% of the body and as much as 80% of skin . . . can help boost our immunity making us stronger and healthier.

Okay . . . so I've spoken many times before about our "very" important lymphatic system.

Well today . . . let's make a connection . . .

As we know . . . the "skin" is the largest organ of the lymphatic system. And it carries "lymph" or "lymphatic capillaries", which are tiny thin-walled vessels with an "open end", located in the spaces between cells . . . throughout the body. This process is what removes the toxins (pathogens, cancer, etc.) out of the body.

Now . . . for this process to work correctly . . . the end of these vessels . . . must stay "open".

And how do they accomplish that mission???

Well . . . fine "collagen" fibers attached to the walls of the lymphatic capillaries play an important role in "holding these vessels open".

And without ample "natural collagen" . . . these capillaries can close . . . therefore, the lymphatic system can't do its job correctly and becomes clogged or stagnant and this is when illness, disease and weight issues can occur.

And Boom . . . we now have a compromised immune system.

This is why . . . the older that we get and the less collagen the body produces . . . the less our lymphatic system is functioning correctly. Therefore . . . aging and illness will surely occur.

So if we want to keep our youthful glow and lymphatic system flushing properly for optimal health . . . we "must" consume collagen rich "foods" and keep the lymphatic system moving with specific exercise and/or massage.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about our facial skin and what we're doing wrong.

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