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Combating the "Flu"

So today let's finish this topic . . . with what "I" use for the "flu"

As we now know . . . a strong "immune system" . . . and the ability to make good "antibodies" . . . is "key" to having a "mild" flu reaction and recovering quickly.

So how do we "boost" our "immune system" in a season filled with "viruses"???

Well . . . my "secret" to success . . . is "Echinacea" and "Garlic"

You see . . . "Echinacea" contains active substances that "boost immune function".

It also has the ability to "relieve pain", reduce "inflammation" . . . and has hormonal and antioxidant effects on the body . . .

But . . . best of all . . . it's a natural "ANTIVIRAL".

Yes . . . that means it KILLS "Enveloped" VIRUSES like the "flu"!!!!!

"Echinacea" is also known for its ability to "decrease" the duration and severity of "acute respiratory tract infections"

And as we now know . . . the "flu" not only affects the nose and throat . . . it also can disrupt the function of the "LUNGS"

"Echinacea" has been a popular herbal remedy for centuries and is well known for "preventing" and/or "treating" viruses that cause colds, sore throats and the "FLU".

"Echinacea" also has the ability to help patients with "pneumonia" due to its "antiviral" and "antibacterial" nature.

It enables the "immune cells" to be more effective at combatting bacteria, VIRUSES and abnormal cells, while raising the amount of "immune system cells".

"I've" used "Echinacea" every time I've COVID . . . and it work great.

NOTE of caution: Echinacea is NOT to be used long term (longer than 8 weeks at a time) . . . this due to possible damage to the liver or suppress the immune system.

Also DO NOT take if you're taking liver medication

As always . . . Consult your own healthcare provider first before taking this adaptogen herb.

And sorry people . . . if you want to take "Echinacea" . . . please avoid coffee, tea, cola, energy drinks or other products that contain caffeine. This may cause headaches, increase heart rate and felling jittery.

Okay . . . so what about "garlic"???

Well . . . "garlic" . . . often called the "stinky rose" . . . is excellent for "flu viruses" and actually "colds" also.

It contains an organosulfur compound called "allicin" . . . and has powerful "antiviral" and "immune boosting" properties.

And has been well known in the Alternative medicine world for . . .

Helping boost the body's immune system

Reducing high blood pressure

Reducing cholesterol levels

Helping to prevent cancer

Has natural antibiotic properties

May help prevent Alzheimer's and Dementia

Can help relieve bronchitis

Relieves chronic mucus in the nose and throat

Helps stop recurrent colds and respiratory infections

Reduces chronic earaches

Reduces sore throat

Reduces sinus problems

And helps prevent and reduce symptoms of the "FLU"

So adding these 2 elements together is a must have for "cold" and "flu" season.

NOTE: as always, check with your own healthcare provider before taking new herbs or a regiment of garlic.

So have a great weekend . . . stay healthy . . . and be "mindful"

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at:

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