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"Completing the Circle"

So the question for today is this . . . what does the "Circle of Life" mean to you?

As we know . . . the word "circle" is a universal symbol that represents the notion of totality, wholeness, eternity and timelessness.

With the "Circle of Life" . . . being the cycle of procreation . . . birth, life and death.

This being an emblem that represents the deepest meaning of life "itself".

And the center of that "circle" represents the purity of love . . . where all souls will unite one day to total "peace".

As many of you know . . . 5 years ago, my family and I moved back home to be present for my parents and help them complete "their" circle.

You see . . . to care for those who once cared for us . . .

Is one of the "highest honors" in life that can be bestowed upon us!

It was once said . . .

"Love your parents and treat them with loving care, for you will only know their value when you see their empty chair"!

So I came home to take "my" place . . . in the circle of life.

But this "circle" I speak of means "so" much more than just that . . .

The "Circle of Life" is about "family", "unity" . . . about being that "village" that protects and comforts one another.

And with this . . . it's a loving and complicated dance we do watching our parents age with grace . . .

I found myself asking . . . is this what I will become when I grow old?

And then I think . . . one could only hope to be blessed with such a precious goal!

I have found in life . . . there's always that one person that brings great "light" to the world.

And even after they've completed their "circle of life" . . . their "light" shines on.

My father was one of those people in life.

He not only was the head of our "village" . . . but he spend almost his entire life "teaching" and "mentoring" children the importance of respect, teamwork, responsibility, gratitude, compassion and patience.

And he did this act of "love" through teaching children how to care for animals due to "his own" love for his farm and Devon oxen.

He touched so many lives, which led his "village" to become more "grand" than one could ever imagine.

He taught us that "love" is not always just a word . . . that "love" is an action. And this man truly "loved" sharing his knowledge of animals and their care with others.

So today, I honor a man that has made a difference in so many lives.

My father . . . "Bud" Ludwig

He will be truly missed by all.

In loving memory - Raymond "Bud" Ludwig - Jan. 4, 1927 - Dec. 4, 2021

Thank you to all that attended his funeral, send cards or flowers, or send your condolences on Facebook or the other multiple media services that people shared so many wonderful memories of him. You have no idea how much that meant to my mom and our family.

Thank you for all the love and memories that you have shared.

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