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"Complex" Carbohydrates - "good" or "bad" for weight loss?

So today we'll finish breaking down the food groups with "complex" carbohydrates.

Now . . . "complex' carbs are made up of "sugar molecules" that are "strung together" in long, complex chains. Whereas . . . "simple" carbs are short and "single" strains. Therefore, easier to digest.

"Complex" carbs are found in foods such as peas, beans, whole grains and some vegetables (remember yesterday we discovered that veggies can be considers both complex or simple).

Now . . . both "complex" and "simple" carbohydrates are turned into glucose (blood sugar) in the body and used as energy . . .

But . . . "complex" carbs take "longer" to digest and are a more stable source of energy than "simple", quick fix energy carbs.

Okay . . . so listen up people . . . this is the important part about "complex" carbs . . .

While "complex" carbs are a "better" source of energy for "burning calories", making you feel full and losing weight . . . "complex" carbs are not always "healthier" in today's world.

Why you ask???

Well . . . that would be . . . most "complex" carbohydrates contain "lectins" . . . and if the body can't "eliminate" the "lectin" part of the "complex" carb . . . it effects us negatively with bloating, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, etc., . . . therefore, we can't lose weight.

The problem is this . . . we actually need "complex" carbs for optimal health and weight loss. And without them . . . we will never lose the weight we want and keep it off without a struggle.

And it's the "lectins" we can't eliminate . . . that we don't need!

You see . . . "complex" carbs are "not" at all fattening . . . therefore, they should be included in your weight loss diet. They're full of dietary fiber which helps to manage blood sugar levels and promote digestive health. They also contain vitamin B's. Remember in our series about B vitamins . . . how B vitamins aid in weight loss?

So simply put . . . 'WE NEED "COMPLEX" CARBS FOR WEIGHT LOSS". So the diets that tell you to eliminate "carbohydrates" . . . are misinforming the public.

Now . . . due to our "good" bacteria being depleted from our Western diet . . . for now until we can "replenish" our "good" bacteria in our gut . . . we need to concentrate on "compliant" "complex" carbohydrates. The ones that are "low" in "lectins" therefore . . . easier to digest.

This way we're still getting the vitamins and minerals the body needs . . . "complex" carbs to facilitate weight loss and easily digestible . . . accomplishing our mission with "compliant" low lectin carbohydrates.

Okay . . . so if you're unclear what "complex" carbs I'm talking about that are "high" in lectins . . .

That would be . . . bread and grains, fruit, high starch vegetables, pasta, cereals and juices just to mention a few.

So to be successful . . . in your weight loss efforts and keeping the weight off . . . we "do" need to consume "complex" carbohydrates . . . just not the "lectins"

And this is why diets that eliminate "complex" carbs from that diet are so hard to follow and aren't nutritionally sound.

So tomorrow, we'll talk about the "glutens" in "complex" carbs.

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